Wednesday, September 29, 2004

About Last Night...

Jason came over last night for dinner. It's kinda official that we're seeing each other, so dinner was kinda something i was both nervous and excited about.

He brought over some salad (with cucumbers, yum!), and surprise, surprise! made pizza marguerita (did i spell that right?), complete with a bottle of vino. I just had to stop myself from smiling like an idiot. :-P Sweet guy! It's pretty kewl to just chill with him. We never did get to watch Family Guy, mostly because the food preparations took most of the time, the interesting conversations in between (it's a small and very messy kitchen i tell you!) and the fact that he forgot the cd :-P. No matter. I really find it fascinating how things can be so different yet so comfortable with him.

We headed to Katipunan to watch Before Night Falls at his place. On the way up, we encounter Lucy (of all places! hahahaha) who was also visiting a friend in the same building. Talk about coincidences hehehe :-P She started telling us a story in the elevator, but never got to finish it since we already arrived at our floor. Oh well. Will probably hear it later :-) The movie, which revolved around this cuban writer and poet, was gritty and at times, scary. (Nothing like a bloody movie with a tormented lead to finish off a lovely night)

+ + +

Lucy mentioned in her blog recently about companionship:

Companionship is hanging out, talking about anything under the sun, having fun, and experiencing all that life has to offer. Companionship is offering your flat when he needs to crash or escape, or offering an ear when he needs to talk, and vice-versa. Companionship is being able to sleep with someone again and again, and still feel like its the best first time you ever had.

Hmmm. hard to say what and why i'm here for (it's a little too early to tell, i think) but i think this pretty much sums up how i'm feeling about him. :-) It's a lot different from previous relationships, for a number of obvious reasons, but i am really enjoying myself. I like the fact that he's pretty into what he wants, not to mention his little quirks never fail to make me smile. (insert more cheesy descriptions and chitchat about him here) Oh yeah, and he digs chicks with glasses ;-)

+ + +

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

GirlTalk and then some

Here's some Maroon Girltalk and the male ego. I found some parts purely sexist, but then i guess everybody's entitled to their own opinion :-P

+ + +

Wasn't able to meet up with Kitty and Pika and the rest of the gang at GL's last night (corry guys and gals!!) sinc ei had some business to check on at the morato outlet. Arriving home, i found Lucy, suffering a slight case of mope-itis. Feel really bad i couldn't do anything to help her except maybe hold her hand while she's riding out the storm. Jason and Melissa came over after a bit, as did Maggie. Brought Maggie, Melissa and Jason over there to check the place out, and they enjoyed the food and drinks. Lucy soon followed (apparently a good move, since it was a shame that she'd be missing this out). We moved over to Chili's for some drinks, got stupidly tipsy over flavored margaritas and endless nachos (as Maggie said, "nachos that never end!!").

+ + +

Haven't been exactly myself these days. Been thinking about a lotta things recently due to some unexpected turn of events, and I've come to certain conclusions:

a) No matter how hard you try to hold on to something or someone, if that thing or person does not want to be found, you're outta luck.

b) Something good can always come out of something unexpected.

c) Live. Now.

So there. I thank the people who have been quite understanding, if not supportive, of my antics, rants and petty chitchat over something that has, apparently, been dragging me down into a spiral deluge of melancholy and despair. I look forward to and more interesting month (and birthday!) from this day forward. :-)

+ + +

Monday, September 27, 2004

I bloom Blaum

Darling, those tired eyes
Go with me all the time.
And in the dead of night
Tell me you will be mine.
Where do you go to, pretty baby?
Where do you go to, when the night wins away.
Ask me so sweetly, what do I do?
Who do I sing for?
Well honey I sing about you.



The Weekend

I don't remember much of Friday,'cept that we watched Sugar Free perform at Peligro, this niched bar at the corner of Aguirre and Salcedo sts., Makati. The place was packed with loyal fans, rockers and the "usual suspects" --- Me, Maggie and Jason of course! We walked over to the place from Greenbelt, where we had a light dinner at MYLK. As usual, the band was rockin'! Ebe, though he was down with the colds, performed pretty well, and had the house rockin' in no time. Lucee came over later on, and after the customary congrats and felicitations (yup, groupie that i am!), we headed off to Azurro to have some drinks. See, Peligro was closed off all night by Red Horse Beer, which wasn't so bad, but we kinda had a thing for drinks, so Lucee suggested Azurro.

Jason treated us to a bottle of vino, which was pretty good (yup, tipsy me!) and we hung out and pretty much closed the place down. We headed on to Temple, where Lucee met some of her team mates (and their coach) who were out partying. I couldn't believe i was able to go home without being a wreck that night.

+ + +


ok, ok, i had my first french lesson last saturday, so i am kinda going through the motions of remembering what they taught me. hahaha! Of course, being the language-challenged dork that i am, i decided to take the first step and just enroll into the basic french class UP was offering this semester. Yup, no doubt about it, this was one interesting lesson!

+ + +

Unfortunately, that made me miss Lucee's last footbal game (sorry gurl!) The class ended at 5pm, so by the time i left, it was really too late to even try to catch up. I headed back home and did my chores for the day (even sneaked in time for naps, thank god!)

+ + +

Maggie and Jason swung by to pick me up later that evening, and we headed off to this posh evening event at the Mandarin Oriental. Yup, it's a glitzy affair, and i immediately felt out of place coming in. Maggie looked great in her little black dress, and Jason looked amazing with his kewl silver blue tie. Moi? I was decked in this black top with a plaid skirt and red maryjane heels. Talk about being different.

We finally got to meet Lord, Maggie's friend who invited us to the shindig. Of course, who wouldn't refuse free food and booze? Armed with this, we proceeded to enjoy the night by diggin into the freebies (yummy desserts, lovely booze!) Lucy came over a biot later, though didn't stay very long since she opted to go back tothe Football peeps. Jason and I mused over the gossip and other interesting conversations we've heard so far, while Maggie was expertly batting away insincere (and kinda lame) pick-up lines being thrown her way. I gotta hand it to her, she's got it down pat! ;-) You go girl! We got away with some freebies too (it was a sponsored event so they gave us some cd holders)

We swung by the football place to check the scene out. I was pretty curious, after all, Lucy's been talking about the place and well, the fact that she was able to get my friend Manila drunk was something, so we headed off to Essensa, The Fort. The place was fabulous!!!! I mean, it was at the penthouse, so the view was pretty spectacular, not to mention the enormity of the apartment was overwhelming! The party was dying down when we arrived though, and well, we just kinda took that opportunity to take it all in.

+ + +

Joey had this thing happening at Temple the same night and was texting every so often confirming if we were swinging by. Not to be rude, but i was tired. But since i did promise, Maggie dropped us off at G4 and we tried to see what was left. The place was closing by the time we got there, but we were able to share a beer (yehey!) Adele and her friends, Joey and Steven, were also there, apparently late too. hehehe. At least we all got to hang out a bit and chat. Joey was on his way home, but was sweet enough to wait for me and chat for a while.

+ + +

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Sunday Grabeh Sunday

I woke up to the lovely smell of ... floor wax.

Yup, the cleaning girl was there already, and it took me aboout 5 minutes to realize that yes, it was a sunday, and yes, it was already lunch time. *sigh* not exactly my happiest of days, but i was due for a face painting gig at 3pm at the UP theatre ( a kid's party). It was an hour's work (easy money? perhaps...) so i got ready at around 1 and managed to walk all the way to UP from the house with 15 mins to spare. The reception was kinda weird (nobody knew who i was, and the person who got me for the job was nowhere to be found) and most of the parents were sorta mean.


Never really liked that part of the job, y'know. Dealing with kids is a lot easier because they tend to me less black and white and more forgiving. Parents on the other hand, tend to seek perfection, especially for their kids. I was really surprised how competetive parents are (let's just say i encountered my share of parental envy and hate while i was there). The sad thing about it was, they paid me only for an hour and the kids were A LOT. I had to cut out part of the list and there was this little kid who cried to me, asking for one more. Awww. This is the worst thing i hate about the job, having to say no to a kid. :-(

+ + +

I left after an hour and 10 mins, not even partaking any of the party food. Walked around the oval to cool my head (it was steamed from all the parent yabbers) and went to Katipunan to return some overdue dvds. Had coffee at Starbucks with Jason and met Clang by accident there. I guess even on sundays he had meetings :-) He was there with most of the Black Book Peeps, and i'm thinking they may be bringin the old team back. Hmmm...

+ + +

Left for home to freshen up and left for Eastwood after a while. I checked out the store and did some window shopping (it was the last day of the weekend sale) and met up with Joey for dinner. We had age-tofu and some maki at Ebisu, all the while dishing out on the fashion victims who were passing by. It was nice of him to hang out with me while i did some more work, although after some time i decided to call it a night.

Had a cuppa coffee at Seattle's with Jason (again--- yup he was bored out of his skull and i was ready for another cup of coffee), and we pretty much talked about a lotta things, like Transformers and comic books. Guys! I can't figure them out. Apparently Jason can't get over the fact that i too was a gamer and read comic books. *sigh* the many facets of lette! Bwahahaha! We decided to burn the midnight oil by watching Zoolander and chillin' at his place. On the way there i got to see Denise (of all places!!). Talk about coincidences!!! God, she's leaving the next day for Australia! Man, the only time i got to see her was the first saturday she arrived and then that's it! It was soo good to see her again, and i was kinda sad that we never got to spend much time together...ey Gurl! I'll miss you! Tc and give 'em hell in Australia!!!! :-D

+ + +

Friday, September 24, 2004

creeping into my consciousness

You sneak up on me
infusing me with memories
i'd rather not think about right now
My cheeks are heated
my breath caught
in my giddiness
of remembering

I cannot remember when it was last
that i did not think of you

You sneak up on me
with fragments of what we did
little clues you left
with your image burned into my brain
they remind me to call you
even though i know i shouldn't

I cannot remember when it was last
that i did not miss you

You sneak up on me
with the songs we used to listen to
With amber fluidly played in the background
i remember with a wistful smile
lucid visions engulf me

I cannot remember when it was last
that i did not love you

weekend musings

women rock.

+ + +


I am beginning to wonder how the hell i managed to survive 6 months into my job. Now that i'm nearing my 8th month, wanderlust is again consuming me. I don't know, it feels like i'v ebeen in this job for forever. Don't get me wrong, the pay is better than i had before, and well, i can't really complain about the stuff i use since it's fine. Perks? well, the people ar enice and the food tasting is free. But then again, the work is driving me up the wall sometimes, plus i deal with some very insensitive and very annoying people sometimes.

AAAARGGGH. I wish the day is over....

+ + +

12 hours ago

We have soy milk!! Whoo-hooo!! CBTL finally has soy milk in their menu! I got to order an Ultimate Mocha ice blended with soy milk! yehey!! I love soy milk. It's beany, yet tasty. Most people give me the weird face (which i'm sure you're having while you're reading this), but soy milk is pretty good. hehehe. Okay moving along...

Met up with Clang at the local Ministop nearby the house. Yup, he and his bandmates of Whatevurittakes were practicing nearby the area and were hanging out a bit. Had to buy milk (all gone at the house) so it was pretty kewl to see them there. Hung out, chatted and he pretty much told me about his dilemma about the stolen hard disk (awww!). Still, amidst the depression, i'm glad to see him in high spirits as they were jostling each other about and cracking jokes.

Anton passed by, and quite by accident too! Turns out he was trying to get in touch with me through my cell (the message read: ababu!!!) but couldn't. Good thing he passed by the Ministop! We went over to Ababu, this quaint Persian cuisine place a couple of houses away from the apartment, and talke dover pita bread and hummus. Yup, it's soo good to chat with him again! We caught up on some weird gossip, news and well, all the other shit that's been happening in our lives (turns out he knows my crush! hahahaha! Small world. Of course, all the nitpicking started). Since he's given up on call center work and concentrated on managing bands, he's been quite elusive to find and yup, very busy. It's all good though, he looks happier than when he worked in the call center. Must be all that free stuff you get. hehhe.

+ + +

Tomorrow i'll be starting off my first class on Basic French. Qui! Hahaha. That pathetic attempt on the language, will hopefully be replaced with a better one after the next few sessions. Why am i taking this up? Three reasons:

1. to "better myself" before the year ends (at least i can say i learned something new this year!)
2. for some practical purposes (visa requests and overseas processing can be more in my favor if i have a second language, at least, that's what they all say)
3. i'm bored and well, depressed. I need something constructive to fill up my time and NOT think about how our country is going down the drain.


+ + +

Btw, Happy Birthday Lizz!

Thursday, September 23, 2004

11:51 ranting

I'm stuck at work right now because some numbskull made me go to work early to email a friggin' logo. HELLO!?!! He started calling me up at 8am, bugging me about his 10am deadline. Sheesh, in the first place, he knew he had a 10am deadline today,s o why the HELL didn't he inform me this yesterday??? I could have easily given it to him before i left, but no, he just HAD to delay it till last night (he "reminded" me at around 11pm --- 11PM!!!) so i can go really early to work.


I am NOT a morning person, but for this job, i am forced to wake up at the ungodly hour of 8am just to make my 9am cutoff. The thing is, being in my line of work, the hours should be flexible, and hell, they aren't paying me overtime for this. So why the rush!!???! Seriously. I pretty much worked out everything i need to do yesterday which was why i was in no hurry to go to work (I am waiting for approval for my projects). Now, it's one thing to wake up at that early an hour, but to wake up to the incessant ringing of your phone just because some moron did not have the foresight to inform you of his friggin deadline!??!

I don't think so.

Fuckin' shit.

+ + +

It dawned to me earlier that in less than two weeks it'll be October again. Damn. The days are going by too fast and i seem to be doing nothing with my time. Ah, some more misery to add to my already shitty day. The cds i burned for our outlets turned out to be a loss, since their picky cd players wouldn't play the darn songs. Oh well. *sigh* See? If i were at home right now, i'd be burning the cds and not staring like an idiot at my screen, feigning i'm busy.

Thank god for blogs.

+ + +

I hope October turns out to be a better month.


Continuing with the religion-themed movie marathon, i watched Saved! with Jason and Maggie last night at the Podium. We met up about an hour before it was supposed to start, so we got to get some grub at the Jap grill somewhere in the building. Mmmm...seafood teppanyaki... Yummy!

The movie was a riot! The movie revolves around Jena Malone's character whose boyfriend recently "outed" himself to her while swimming in their pool. This snowballs to hilarious antics of Jena trying to "save" by doing it, resulting to an unwanted pregnancy. Throughout her concealed pregnancy she makes friends with the misfits of her school and gets into some bizaare and interesting situations. Of course, no movie is complete without the token mean girl, who's played by Mandy Moore (to the hilt, i might add). The results of thus, well, sums up to some expected (albeit funny) outcomes. The antics were giddy fun (i especially loved the part where the "posse" tries to "exorcise Satan" out of Jena's character) , although at times a tad melodramatic. Still, it's refreshing to see a movie that features some of yesterday's child stars grown up and acting (Macaulay Culkin, last seen in The Good Son, is Mandy's invalid brother whose boyish charm mixes perfectly with sarcastic wit), and a "movie with morals" which provides a humorous take on the issue on religion.

+ + +

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Last Night's Better than Sex

Watched Better than Sex last night with Maggie at the Aussie film fest. It's a movie with a plot that's been somewhat rehashed from previous films i've seen (About last NIght has a similar theme), but the progression of the movie reminds me a bit of When Harry Met Sally..., wherein they interject certain characters and pseudo-documentary conversations. David Wenham (Josh) reminds me a lot of Dennis Quaid, especially when he does his "shocked, frustrated" look, while the actress who played Cin(i forgot her name) looks a lot like a cross between Sharon Stone (must be the hair) and Heather Graham. Overall, it's interesting, light and well, fun, despite the review in the link i placed here.

+ + +

Prior to this movie experience, i had to go through some difficulty getting in the theatre. Yep, apparently, they have this weird rule that does not allow anyone to get in the theatre once the movie starts. Maggie reserved a seat for me inside, but since i was late, i couldnt get in. What's more annoying wa sthe fact that i was trying to explain why i was late to a guard and he was looking at me like i was nuts. The thing was, he asked in English and i answered him in English. Turns out he may not have understood anything i said, which annoyed me even more because, hell, if you can't understand english to begin with, why the hell did you ask that question in that language in the first place!?!! GAWD! It was a good thing Maggie came out to get me because i would have just kept on picking on that friggin' guard.

+ + +

Maggie and I had dinner at Cibo afterwards. Had the Yummy iced tea with Mint and Penne al Marinaio. Wow, just remembering it makes me hungry again (heheh). I don't know what it is about that place, i just love their food, and their service is pretty fast too! :-D Reminds me of the time i had dinner with my bf and his family (that was in Shangri-La tho). It was a fun night, i enjoyed myself immensely!

+ + +

Spent the rest of the night watching "Bruce Almighty" and "My Blue Heaven" (the whole theme of religion-based titles/subjects is not intentional), a light and funny ending to my already interesting day.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Top 5 ...

In High Fidelity, John Cusack and his buddies make use of spare time thinking of their top 5 whatevers. Last night, after finding myself with nothing to do, i decided to text people asking for their top five lists. I tell you, it's amazing what people can think of (and what time they actually sleep, heheh). Tonight's theme was: Top 5 songs you's want to listen to when stuck in a deserted island. Some interesting text messages i've received:

My friend Manila, sent me this:

1.Roxanne (the Police)
2.People are People (D'Sound)
3-5.any bossanova song by Sergio Mendes and Astrud Gilberto

Pao's, on the other hand, was an interesting mix of local and international classics:

Any song by:
1. Mozart
2. Bach
3. Cuban (genre)
4. New Orleans Jazz
5. Yoyoy

Joey opted for the "since i'm stuck here..." theme:

1. Where do we go from here (Filter)
2. I'll be here awhile (311)
3. Flex (mad cobra)
4. Jammin' (Bob Marley)
5. Sailing (urbandub)

So, what's YOUR top 5 list?

tuesday blahs

Just came to work, got stuck at the lunch lunch traffic along Santolan. I was actually contemplating whether or not i was gonna come in, since half the day's been pretty much spent at UP already. Then again, i thought about allthe deadlines and work, and free surfing.... ehhehe and here i am.

+ + +

Had a pretty bizaare night watching the Emmys at home, with my semi-busted tv. Ok, it works fine, but the reception on local channels wasn't at all good, and aside from the static filled screen, we had to deal with an extremely low volume, so i had to strain my ears to catch the quips and laughs of the program. I am pretty happy to know that my fave actresses and actors got their nod from their peers though. Loved the speech of Sarah Jessica Parker as she got her emmy win for Sex and the City, wherein she thanked everybody, especially the state of New York.(I feel bad that the series ended!!!) Very Carrie Brandshaw.

Of course, the winner for the night was HBO, with more twins than anybody for their fabulous shows (the Sopranos, Sex and the City, Elaine Stritch omedy special, etc.). Ahh. So many series that i'll be missing...

+ + +

Been having this restlessness again, like i want to do something but i don't really know what... ever got that feeling that you should be somewhere else, not exactly any place specified, but just that weird relentless feeling that's telling you to just get out? Well, it darned got me and i was really pissed that i was bothered for the entire night with that.

+ + +

Finally got to enroll for French classes today! Went to the CAL for sign-up and got to pay up for this coming saturday's lesson. Whoo-hoo! I hope this is worth the while. I'm nervous because i've never taken anything like this, and well, excitement comes with the jitters for me. Mon Dieu!

Had brunch with Maggie at the UP Hotel. Yup, there's actually a hotel in UP, and a nice one at that. I've never been there, but their patio breakfast area is really nice. Had me an omelette pack, while Maggie had hers with scrambled eggs. It's really nice, and i really missed UP. Made plans to watch the Aussie filmfest again later at Megamall. I hope it's good.

+ + +

Monday, September 20, 2004



I’m full of regret
For all things that I’ve done and said
And I don’t know if it’ll ever be ok to show
My face ’round here
Sometimes I wonder if I disappear

Would you ever turn your head and look
See if I’m gone
Cause I fear

There is nothing left to say to you
That you wanna hear
That you wanna know
I think I should go
The things I’ve done are way too shameful

There is nothing left to say
To you
That you wanna hear
That you wanna know
I think I should go
The things I’ve done are way too shameful

And I’ve done you so wrong
Treated you bad
Strung you along
Oh shame on myself
I don’t know how I got so tangled up

random songs

Over chat my friend and i got to reconnect and dish out girl talk. Ahh, sweet misery! I often wondered how the other sid eof relationships are (being attached, i mean). I feel bad that as a singleton, i can't be as helpful as i want to her dilemma. But, i hope that things do work out for the best. After that i got listening to some songs while having lunch, some sentimental shit that i haven't been able to listen to for a long time. Hahaha. Welcome to my "rinse cycle" of senti and rose-colored glasses!

+ + +

I have lived
In the arse of the world

Oh, he knows, he knows
He knows I’d love
To see him happy
(or as close as is allowed)
I’ve lived
In the arse of the world ...

Oh, he knows, he knows
He knows I’d love
To see him happy
(or as close as possible)
As close as possible
As close as possible
As close as is allowed
Oh ...

My name still conjours up deadly deeds
And a bad taste in the mouth
And the police - they actually know me
They said :

You’re just another person in the world
You’re just another fool with radical views
You’re just another who has maddening views
You want to turn it on it’s head
By staying in bed !

I said : I know I do
I said : I know I do
I said : I know I do

+ + +

Whoa, I need a man to love me.
Oh, don’t you understand me, baby ?
Why, I need a man to love.
I want me someone to hold me when i, I call out for aid.
Someone to be around me so I won’t be afraid.

Because it can’t be now
Can’t be now
Can’t be now
Can’t be now
Can’t be now
Can’t be this loneliness
Baby, surrounding me.

No, no, know it just can’t be
No it just can’t be, oh lord
Oh baby baby baby it just can’t be, no no no.
No it just can’t be, no
Whoa, it can’t be
No it just can’t be

Whoa, won’t you let me hold you ?
Honey, just close your eyes.
Whoa, won’t you let me hold you, baby ?
Hey, hey, I want to just put my arms around ya, like the circles going ’round the sun.
And let me, let me hold you daddy, I said, at least until the morning comes.

Because it
Can’t be now
Can’t be now
Can’t be now
Can’t be now
Can’t be now
Can’t be this loneliness
Baby, surrounding me.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
No it just can’t be, no
Oh, baby, baby, baby, baby, just can’t be, no
No it just can’t be no more
Whoa, it can’t be
No it just can’t be
Alright, go on play it!

Yeah, hey!

Whoa, I need a man to love me,
Oh, can’t you help me, please.
Why, lord, I need a man to love.
Hey, I want me someone to hold me when I call out for aid
And someone to be around me so I won’t be afraid.

Because it
Can’t be now
Can’t be now
Can’t be now
Can’t be now
Can’t be now
Can’t be this loneliness
Baby, surrounding me.

No, no, no, it just can’t be
No it just can’t be no more
Oh, daddy, daddy, daddy, it just can’t be, no no no.
No it just can’t be
Whoa, honey it can’t be
No it just can’t be

+ + +
(Maroon 5)

Where you are seems to be
As far as an eternity
Outstretched arms open hearts
And if it never ends then when do we start?
I’ll never leave you behind
Or treat you unkind
I know you understand
And with a tear in my eye
Give me the sweetest goodbye
That I ever did receive

Pushing forward and arching back
Bring me closer to heart attack
Say goodbye and just fly away
When you comeback
I have some things to say

How does it feel to know you never have to be alone
When you get home
There must be someplace here that only you and I could go
So I can show you how i
Dream away everyday
Try so hard to disregard
The rhythm of the rain that drops
And coincides with the beating of my heart

I’ll never leave you behind
Or treat you unkind
I know you understand
And with a tear in my eye
Give me the sweetest goodbye
That I ever did receive

Pushing forward and arching back
Bring me closer to heart attack
Say goodbye and just fly away
When you comeback
I have some things to say

How does it feel to know you never have to be alone
When you get home
There must be someplace here that only you and I could go
So I can show you how I feel

Sunday Grabe Sunday

Woke up late and managed to do some surfing before heading to Eastwood, where i was gonna meet up with Kitty. Turns out the traffic, plus some combined "late routine" of La and the rest, made the supposed 3pm outing into an evening gimmick (we all met up at around 5pm).

Pao made it early though (thank god he lives in Marikina!) and we managed to entertain ourselves while waiting for them by walking about the mall, checking out the store sales and playing hoops at the arcade. We even got to make a list fo all the childhood games we knew (haha) and managed to "cloud watch".

+ + +

Watched Exorcist: the beginning last night with the College peeps, namely Kitty, La, Paopao, Kabbie, Mike, Perry and Gj.

My verdict: While it's an entertaining film (pretty funny parts of exorcism, african rituals and some quite surprising effects), i wasn't at all sure what to make of it. After watching most of this and the past years' freaky horror flicks, i was expecting more than what i saw. I liked how they were able to piece up Nazi reality with the whole religious issues of God and the Church, as well as their little picks from African rituals, but generally, it was a movie i could have just easily watched on dvd. Still it provided good laughs, some nitpicking & gross fascination.

+ + +

Had dinner at Fazoli's later, where we pretty much nitpicked the movie experience. GJ (my Ely Buendia lookalike friend) kept on ordering extra garlic bread (it's free) while eating his pizza and chicken combo -- i don't know hwere he puts all that in, he is sooo thin!! Kabbie looks fabulous too, and im glad we got to see each other again! :) She and her new bf look so good together (heheh) asteeg! After the seemingly endless supply of garlic bread , the gals and guys of Malabon took me home, courtesy of Mike (thank you!).

+ + +

Went through memory lane for a bit with Erin, as we searched through piles and piles of old photos i took over the years. She's having her upcoming exhibit in October and needs some pics she can use for her artwork. Hmm, lotsa ex-pics and old shabby shots for reuse? definitely! We laughed at pics of old classmates and really "dated" pics of myself, seeing the stark contrast of how they look now and then. It's amazing how much we change in a short span of time.

+ + +

Sunday, September 19, 2004

24 hours ago

I finally got spend some QT at home last night. Splurged on dvd classics (sunset Blvd., anyone?) and watched it at home, a refreshing change from all the partying that's been happening all week.

Had dinner with Maggie and Jason at Tajma, this quaint persian/mediterranean resto in that bldg. beside Shakey's Katipunan. Maggie and I were supposed ot watch Lucy's game at the Fort, after which we go to a party next door, but i woke up late, and i did errands instead. Lucy felt bad (so sorry gurl!) and she ended up hangin with her team mates after the party instead (after all, QC and MAkati aren't exactly next to each other).

TAJMA was owned by Butch, an acquaintance i got to know when i went there with friends. Nways, the former location (along Esteban Abada) was a more interesting, if not private) spot,since it was enclosed and well, had a better feel to it. This one was way too open, and since its change, the service also went down my scale. Oh well.

Had the couscous (my fave!) and some yoghurt and cucumber salad, witha side of tomato. Maggie and Jason ordered a rice meal, and their "moroccan Mint" iced tea, which tasted (according to them) like Listerine and toothpaste (it's all the friggin' mint). The food was great, and i'm kinda glad, because the tea wasn't. We moved over to Sweet Inspirations for coffee and cake, where we pretty much talked about anything we could come up with. I guess neither of us was really up to go anywhere far (Maggie cancelled on the Makati thing we were supposed to go, and well, i was just too cheap to go to Makati hahah). ENded up going to Gvideo with JAson and checking out some dvds. He borrowed some too, since he was bent on holing up in his apartment and watching for the rest of the night.

+ + +

Reading this made me think of all my happy and gay posses in the world. Keri!

+ + +

Bergerino has some interesting quips for me. heheheh. Okey sa awlrayt!

+ + +

Saturday, September 18, 2004


finally got the interesting email from my cousin's editor about my illustration, Urban Faeirie. Yup, they've published it for one of the covers of their calendar, so buy one now! hehehe. You can check it out here.

+ + +

On other news, my brother has a kid now! Yup, a baby girl was delivered yesterday, around 5, so i guess that makes me an aunt. Wow. Barely even able to understand my life as an individual, now i'm an aunt. hahaha. Still hafta see the gurl myself,though. Well, this is one thing i'm looking forward to see when i visit home :-)

+ + +

24 hours ago

Was feeling sick the whole morning, so i called in and said i wouldn't be coming in. That pretty much gave me the entire day to...sleep. By the time i woke up it was evening and thankfully, i felt a lot better. Haydz came by to hang out and we watched Friends again (she hasn't seen the episodes yet). We left for Makati around 830, and kinda got delayed by my mom calling in to say that my brother has a baby girl. Awww.

Met Maggie and Lucee at Temple Bar around 945 or 10, wasn't sure, but im glad i finally got there, the traffic was really bad! Haydz went home, since she had to meet some people the next day. Nway, we hung out and met the crew from Flag football, as well as most of Lucy's Phil-Am friends. The bar wasn't packed as i thought it would be, but then again, it's only 10. Ordered tofu with shitake mushroom sauce, which was yummy, and got my fair share of daquiris and margaritas (both excellent, albeit late). NO way am i gonna repeat the last incident (a.k.a., the vomiting mess), so eating i am!

Moved over to the ExpoExchange event, apparently a Studio 23 event of Edge's and Mike's. Kewl, disco fever was the theme and they have these afro-haired guys and gals struttingtheir stuff on the ledge. Twas kinda sad that there weren't any cute guys around, only the beautiful gay ones :-P Ah well. After some drinks (some bought, others given by some guy) we pretty much hung out by the smoking area (which was weird, considering there wasn't a specific smoking area inside). Edge, Mike and their friends looked right at home, and it was nice to meet most of the people i've seen at their previous parties again. Somebody was just assing out champagne to us, so that was good, i think. Ahh, the sweet buzz of intoxicating alcohol mixed with smoke and good stuff...

Maggie and I pretty much hung out there while Lucy went back to Temple with Icy. Chatted a bit with Joey, really sweet guy and a friend of Edge's. He's fun, but since i was a little too buzzed, i feel kinda bad i wasn't coherent enough to converse with him. Maggie left early, said she had to go. I wanted to go home with her, but since Lucy was still at Temple, she decided to go ahead. With that, I left for Temple, looking for Lucy. Joey was nice enough to accompany me (which was kinda a good thing because i wasn't really sure if i was gonna be there in one piece).

Gawd. I feel the buzz still.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Waiting in vain?

Watched The Terminal tonight with Maggie, Jason and the rest of the IC peeps at Eastwood. It's a pretty good film, considering the fact that everything pretty much happens in an airport for like, what, 9-10 months? Tom Hanks' russian accent was well, interesting, my seatmate was telling me she could barely understand any of it, only catching the last few words he'd say in his dialogue (she grew up in Russia). No matter,it's the story that made an impression on me all the same.

It's very much a family/romantic film, with Tom Hanks' lovable character getting into these scenarios which, if i was him, would make me go nuts (imagine living in an airport for 9 months, not being able to even go out to breathe some 'fresh' air). Catherine Zeta's role was quite a change (she looked less glamorous, albeit lovely as ever) and the funny sidekicks were a sight to see (Raja's plate tricks were a riot). Still, I kept getting irked with some "disney" moments though, and some parts in the middle kinda dragged. But altogether, the movie was really sweet.

The theme was kinda depressing though, for me at least. The whole "waiting" scenario rang a little too close to home,a nd the fact that it was set in New York with certain areas which pertain to certain people, well, that kinda made me sniff a bit.
The whole waiting to call, to contact, the inability to be certain on things/issues, well, that got to me.

*sniff* I really miss him.

+ + +

Ok, the peeps. Got to meet Amy and Sabrina, as well as Zaki tonight. Nice peeps! We had dinner at Pho Hoa, this Vietnamese restaurant in Eastwood while waiting for the show. Couldn't really tell if i was hungry enough or not, so i just got me pudding and a mango juice (my so-called diet, haha). We then proceeded to watch the movie, which turned out to be pretty good. The airconditioning was a killer though. I thought my feet were frozen, i couldn't really feel much after the movie (and i was wearing woolly socks!) Goodthing i bought me a pack of my fave ciggys to i can defrost after the movie. As Gunther (of Friends) once said: "ahh, the smoky teat of Mother's darkness, i suckle on you once again!" (eeew.)

+ + +

I don’t wanna wait in vain for your love;
I don’t wanna wait in vain for your love.
From the very first time I rest my eyes on you, boy,
My heart says follow t’rough.
But I know, now, that I’m way down on your line,
But the waitin’ feel is fine:
So don’t treat me like a puppet on a string,
’cause I know I have to do my thing.
Don’t talk to me as if you think I’m dumb;
I wanna know when you’re gonna come - soon.
I don’t wanna wait in vain for your love;
I don’t wanna wait in vain for your love;
I don’t wanna wait in vain for your love,
’cause if summer is here,
I’m still waiting there;
Winter is here,
And I’m still waiting there.
/guitar solo/
Like I said:
It’s been three years since I’m knockin’ on your door,
And I still can knock some more:
Ooh boy, ooh boy, is it feasible?
I wanna know now, for I to knock some more.
Ya see, in life I know there’s lots of grief,
But your love is my relief:
Tears in my eyes burn - tears in my eyes burn
While I’m waiting - while I’m waiting for my turn,

I don’t wanna wait in vain for your love;
I don’t wanna wait in vain for your love;
I don’t wanna wait in vain for your love;
I don’t wanna wait in vain for your love;
I don’t wanna wait in vain for your love, oh!
I don’t wanna - I don’t wanna - I don’t wanna - I don’t wanna -
I don’t wanna wait in vain.
I don’t wanna - I don’t wanna - I don’t wanna - I don’t wanna -
I don’t wanna wait in vain.
No, I don’t wanna (I don’t wanna - I don’t wanna - I don’t wanna -
I don’t wanna - I don’t wanna wait in vain) -
No I - no I (I don’t wanna - I don’t wanna - I don’t wanna - I don’t
Wanna - I don’t wanna wait in vain) -
No, no-no, i, no, I (I don’t wanna - I don’t wanna - I don’t wanna -
I don’t wanna - I don’t wanna wait in vain) -
It’s your love that I’m waiting on (I don’t wanna - I don’t wanna -
I don’t wanna - I don’t wanna - I don’t wanna wait in vain);
It’s me love that you’re running from.
It’s jah love that I’m waiting on (I don’t wanna - I don’t wanna -
I don’t wanna - I don’t wanna - I don’t wanna wait in vain);
It’s me love that you’re running from.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Shitty shit

Life has this sick sick humor that makes you confront your past the least time you expect it. I came across my one of enemies' name while surfing the net and no surprise there, contempt filled me. This is one person who i wish i had beaten up when i had the chance (it doesn't matter that he's a guy, really. I could've beaten the crap out of him and he knows it). Once again, I wish that i NEVER met this person in my life! The sole heir to satan and his sick, evil cruelty has once again entered into my consciousness and slowly gnawing my insides. ARGGGGHHHHHHH!!! *place unutterable cursing & ranting here *


+ + +

On to less violent rantings...

i am contemplating whether or not i actually like my job.

It's been 6 months and 15 days since i first started, and well, i am waiting for my assessment period. 15 days late, i am getting quite restless. The thing is, i like what i do, it's just that i feel that there's no advancement in this particular job since i am the only one in my department. Sure, the workload is big (and at time hellish) and the scope of responisbility is very challenging, but there are times that i catch myself looking at the clock. It's as if i am mentally trying to speed up the time so i can just go home.

*sigh* This may be the second longest job i'v ever been in.

+ + +

A lil' bit of radio in my life... Beep!

+ + +

why does it always rain on me...


the rain was pouring by the time i came ot the office so i had to sprint into the darn doors so i wouldn't get wet! The downpour was so bad i almost made the driver go back to QC (fat chance of me getting soaked just for work!) Nways, when i got in, not only was there were, but my bosses were at my floor. Just my luck. :-P

+ + +
Last night

Ok, so i was actually planning to just stay at home and watch the remaining Friends episodes i haven't watched (again). Also, i had my lil' "list of things to do", which pretty much involved boring stuff (i.e., burn 25 cds for work). I dropped by CBTL morato for a quick caffeine fix then proceeded home for a quick dinner (yup, pasta a la Lette --- ribbon pasta in oil, mushroom and tomatoes).

Manila suddenly texted out of nowhere. They were at Molo's, this grill place nearby Glori's, and she asked if i can come over. Manila!??!! It's been ages since i've hung out with this gal, and i really miss her! Definitely!

+ + +

It's funny how things in life interconnect, yknow? See, Manila and I used to be officemates, and then we became friends since she "recruited" me to play in her soccer team. We hung out beyond the office and the grounds, and went out for coffees and gimmicks, but after a while we kinda lost in touch since we had to fix our lives (haha). She's pretty kewl, and as weird as it may sound, everytime we hang out we seem to talk a lot about guys and shopping (typical girls ba? I rarely do that these days!!heheh), among other things.

Nway, she's been trying to recruit me again for flag football (which i tried once, but with my schedule and the one time i got hit, i haven't been able to go for a second run), but ended up convincing Lucee, my roomie. So big surprise when she found out that Lucee and I knew each other. hahaha. I'm thankful for that though, cos that gave me a chance to hangout with her again.

+ + +

Nways, i go to Molo's and got to meet Manila again! Lucee and her other team meates surprised Manila with a party/outing here, since Nina (one of the team mates) owns the place. Minda, Nina, Icy, Tata, STeph, Gabby and well, the rest of the "kalog" gang were there. ANdre came over later, bringing along three butterscotch ice cream (yum!). Lotsa picture taking, cake (mmm...chocolate!) and other foodie goodies were on the tables (there goes my so-called diet...) and we even had party favors! Manila and I caught up on "tsismis" while the rest of the peeps kept hamming it up for the camera.

We moved to this bar called Naughty Strings, a karaoke/comedy bar in Tomas Morato (it's on the second floor of the bldg where CBTL is) and got in for free since one of the teammates knew the owner, and we decided we weren't gonna stay that long (the work excuse works!) I got to meet more team mates, who, from the looks of it,a re not only pretty and strong, they are total party animals too. heheh. God, i miss this scene! Being there made me realize that yup, there IS more to life than work. hahaha.

Manila, Andre and I talked amidst all the singing (Minda was in her form, singing away) and drinking. I never really got to talk to Andre before, although i've seen him at soccer and at parties with Manila. He's really sweet and very hammy. I was kinda intimidated by him at first but as it turns out, he's a kewl guy to hang with.

We hung out there until 2am (there goes my curfew! heheh) and Andre was very sweet to drive us all home (me, Manila and Lucee). We passed by the Meat Shop in Xavierville Ave. for a quick fix (BBQ for them, soy milk for me and Lucee), then dropped Manila home. Turns out ANdre also lived in Teacher's Vill., which was very convenient for us (hehe). On the way there we got to talk about food, which eventually turned into a semi-argument about where the best persian/indian food was. hmm. definitely a fix at these restos ius a must to determine which one really IS the best! hehehe.

+ + +

YeheY! Got to check out Pika's linky link! Kewl! It's really great to cath up with friends, even through their blogs hehhe. :-D

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

gusto kong matulog...

Woke up late today. It seems these days i just feel like slacking (which i shouldn't) and i really feel tired in the morning. I still feel sleepy and yes, i admit, it's not just because of the lack of coffee. :-P Maybe i just need a vacation. I feel like i'm flipping out anytime soon.

+ + +
Last Night

Met up with Paolo at Glorietta for Clang's gig at Saguijo, but since Clang texted that his gig would be a little bit later,we decided to check out Jason Moss' exhibit at the Crucible (Megamall), hoping to still get some freebie munchies while checking out the diva's latest works. Alas, there wasn't any food since the reception was somewhere else, but at least we got to check out the show. Was kinda hoping to let Pao finally meet the divine Miz Moss. hehehe. Loved his "Soiree" and untitled works, especially because it was a delightful mix of lovely colours.

Saw Gari B. and Jeff L. with some friends also checking the artwalk! Gari looks pretty good these days (love the side burns! hehehe) We also got to check out Marcel's work at the Art Center, where they were featuring The Big Show, a fifth anniversary exhibit featuring paintings and sculptures. Paolo gave me some pretty kewl insight on Marcel's work, as well as some nifty commentary on hyperrealism (LOTR,anyone? hehhe)

We decided to eat at Mexicali for dinner, which was weird, since the mall was closing during that time and we kinda felt bad that we were holding everybody up from leaving because of our late late timing. Still, the food was good and we got to bitch about work.hahaha.

We got lost on our way to Saguijo Cafe. The directions in the text read :"Pasong Tamo, right" but after some time we saw that there was no sign. I distinctly remember a sign that says that but instead it read "Chino Roces". Being not at all familiar with the new names, we missed out turn and had to go around and through so many side streets just to get back right on track. Lucky for us, NU107 was featuring Juan de La Cruz' Wally and Pepe doing an acoustic jam session so that made us feel a bit better about being lost in big, bad Makati. hehehe.

Pinoy Time as always. We finally got there and found the first band playing. Yup, they started late, and they had a LONG list to play. I think they exceeded more than an hour in playing. It was kewl, they played pretty good, and their songs were pretty standard stuff. Makopa, the second band, blew me away with their strong vocals and funky lounge. Asteeg! Throughout the waiting, we hung out with Clang and his bandmates. Nakakamiss! Of course, as expected, Clang and Pao did their techie talk. hahah. The only time i actually joined in on that was when they started talking and asking about my iPod, which i didn't bring (ha!). Some of the regulars of the place were also from FA, so it was pretty good to see familiar faces.

Whateverittakes, Clang's band was pretty kewl, with original hits and a cover from Jamiroquai keeping our heads bopping. Sayang, one of their guitarist's guitar strings broke and he had to sit a couple of songs out though. Also, the vocals was kinda drowned out by the restof the instruments. Still, it was a pretty good set, and i had fun! :-D Mehn, salamat! Ayuz! And, something to remember the night by: " Solid, poor!"

+ + +

Shout outs

Clarissa!!!! I'm missing you na!! I'm really gonna miss this fresh breath of air at the office! After having lunch today with her and the acctg. peeps, i'm kind asad to see her go. But, i know she'll be around and we can still hang out ... you rock gurl! miss ya already!!

+ + +

Happy birthday to my kewl and oh-so-rockin' friend, Manila!!! Miss ya!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2004


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been busy with some work at the office, but after some time i just couldn't resist making this out of the scrap magazine pages i had with me. Think it turned out pretty weird, especially the bottom part. Medyo may pagka-personal to, kaya laitin nyo man, kebs ko! hehehe

+ + +

Entitled Dream Gurl,It's some visual interpretation of my recent dreams all jumbled into one artwork. haha.

+ + +

I wish i can just get out of this funk i'm in already!

ranting with resignation

My deplorable life is quite a sight.

I figured out that i have something that i need to face, and need to face NOW, other wise i'd be this diostracted for my entire life. That something is living countries away from me, and not responding to any means i have made to try to talk to him.

My mood swings are fast catching up with me. At times i feel bad, crying from the pain that seems to stem out from nowhere. Other times i just laugh it off, thinking, what the heck. These days i try to block it out of my consciousness, almost drowning myself in work.

It doesn't help that i still constantly think of you.

My friend was telling me last night that i am stupid for thinking and even trying to believe that you would actually talk to me. I sometimes even question my sanity for actually believing things are gonna be all right. After all, we haven't talked in ages and all attempts of communication from my part was never reciprocated.

You know what's funny? Even after all that, my feelings for you haven't changed. How weird, noh? You'd think by now i'd be pissed enough to just walk away and try not to patch things up, not even attempt to rebuild a friendship that was once great. I did that once, with another guy. He hurt me real bad and i vowed i wouldn't be in this spot again.

But here I am. Again.

Foolish foolish me.

For now i guess i'll just continue drowning. After all, it's a lot better than trying to understand why i still love you.

the midnight routine

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a midnight snack for me is usually two toasted whole wheat bread slices (jam is optional) whenever i watch movies (very) late at night. So if you're nice and have lotsa dvds, come over and bring a bagful of whole wheat bread and you may just join in on the movie marathon fun.


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Sleepover schmeepover. Haydz and I do the "blowfish" take as we ham it up for the cam. say *whooomph* !


Originally uploaded by bunnie_lette.
ahh, my lil' souvenir from tonight's fun. Of course, i was too much harassed at work to actually bring my own cd to the launch, but thankfully Anton was very nic eenough to give me one of these so Ebe, Jal and Mitch can sign something for me. Heheh. Next tym na lang yung cd! Mabuhay kayo!

famous friends

ok, so i turn on my pc and who do i find online? Psychicnet's Pao, recently posting his brief stint on tv. Yup, apparently, his popularity has now extended to --*gasp!* television as he is spotted at Wazzap Wazzap reading the paper behind Drew Arellano. I guess he'll be bypassing the line to Starstruck now. heheheh Ahh, famous friends...

+ + +

Speaking of famous friends, Sugar Free formally launched their 2nd Album tonight at Off the Grill, Timog Ave. Yup, it felt like fans' day with booze and lotsa ciggys (wait, isn't that what usuallyhappens at every gig!?! heheh), plus all the paparazzi you can expect.

Met Kitty, Larry and the rest of the peeps there (surprise! Gj, Karen and Mike are there!) as well as high school friends Rhiza and Shiela! Turns out Rhiza is officemates with Mitch, and Shiela and I have been acquainted again in college through Timber. Wow. talk about a reunion!

Maggie, Jason and Lucy were also there, so i had to shift into several palces most of the time. The band played lotsa songs from the first and second album, and although i love the new cd, i gotta admit,the first one's still my fave. I guess the first one really showed the exemplary lyrics of Ebe and the band's efforts (well, they are reflected more there for me at least); besides, Rizal's "bilanggo" wasn;t in the second album. hehehe.

Anyhoo, much Congratulations and Cheerios to Ebe, Jal and Mitch!!! You guys totally rock! :-D (ok, ok, the groupie in me is screaming again --- hehehe) I feel bad for not bringing my cd to have it signed, but maybe i can have it signed another time. Besides, i did get my postcard signed. tee-hee. The all-time groupie in me smiles with glee.

+ + +

Had an after-party coffee date with HAydz at CBTL morato. Yup, much talk over coffee about life, love and what to do when in Iloilo. We keep coming up of ways to have a "business" in Iloilo and eventually ended up talking about everybody we knew there. hahaha. :-D I guess that's gurl talk for ya. Everythinjg is somehow a segway into another thing, which isn't really a bad thing, because you get to talk about a LOTTA things! :-D (excuse my chattiness, it's the iced vanilla latte)

+ + +

Monday, September 13, 2004


Pao's psychichpants gave me this to read. (Amazingly, i knew Hero as my classmate's younger brother and didn't really think much of him. After all, in the college, you get known by people by your talent, how much you participate in activities or how famous/infamous you get with everybody. Of course, who knew what the right smile, a new haircut and an overzealous personality can bring? I'm afraid i have yet to be starstruck to really understand why the hell teenagers resort to this means of a lifestyle. :-P

noon time break

hahaha. After Friends, i just had to look this song up!

See the stone set in your eyes
See the thorn twist in your side
I wait for you

Sleight of hand and twist of fate
On a bed of nails she makes me wait
And I wait without you
With or without you / With or without you

Through the storm we reach the shore
You give it all but I want more
And I’m waiting for you
With or without you / With or without you

I can’t live
With or without you
And you give yourself away / And you give yourself away
And you give /And you give
And you give yourself away

My hands are tied
My body bruised, she’s got me with
Nothing to win and
Nothing left to lose

And you give yourself away
And you give yourself away
And you give / And you give
And you give yourself away
With or without you / With or without you

I can’t live
With or without you /With or without you
With or without you

I can’t live
With or without you
With or without you

+ + +

good read.

+ + +

72 hours ago


Scooted over to Makati to give some posters to the outlet. Was planning to catch the latest flick Cine Europa had to offer, but unfortunately, i wasnt able to go (besides, who would want to watch a movie with two 18x24 posters hanging on their side?) So, after that quick errand, i found myself staring out into the mass of people going about the mall.

Oooh! Got to buy meself a nice new book --- Neil Gaiman /Dave McKean's Violent Cases, this dsturbingly good novella which features McKean's amazing art. Yup, forget the story (although it was also pretty good) --- the art makes me want to cry because it was sooo good! I wish i can illustrate and visualize as good as this guy!

Met Emil, my cousin's ex/friend, who was getting out of work at 1030pm, after smoking about half a pack of ziggys outside CBTL. He and I were hungry (we didn't eat) so we grabbed a light dinner at the food court, and Dim sum had me going for the next couple of hours (ha kaw, yum!) before we went to the bus station to pick up my cousin.

It was good to chat with him again, although admittedly, i wasn't that familiar with him as much as i was with Aumer's other friends (they had an advantage -- we actually got to hang out a lot more). We had a little "trip" around the side streets of Cubao, where i got to see his "half-a-mile turf" of E. Rodriguez and New York. hehehe. After picking up Aumer, we headed to CBTL for a quick pick-me-up of coffee, iced tea and cake. Yum.

+ + +

Woke up late. Jason texted me prior to today about the swimming thing he and Denise were embarking at Ian's, so i readily joined in. Went to theri house around 130, after doing some chores. Denise is back form Australia!! It's soo kewl to see her again. We chatted a bit, then waited on Jason on the final plan... and waited. The thing was, Ian's pool was crowded, so we had to look for an alternative pool. Pretty much, the whole afternoon was then spent looking for one while watching the earlier season of Friends. Bwahahha. So much for the outing.

I left their house to change around 7, which gave me enough time to clean up, have dinner and get myself dressed for the night. Denise invited me to this new place called kado's, which was one of the newer "slashie restos" --- a bar/grill/resto near the Timog Rotonda. It was noisy, filled with high school/college kids mostly,and served reasonably priced beers. The atmosphere was kinda too much (very poor ventilation!), but the company was fun! Got to meet Denise's friends, who were a blast to hang out with. Out of sheer audacity i ordered myself Strong Ice for the rest of the night,w hich kept me pretty tipsy and sedated. heheh.

Jason, Dex and Duane arrived a little later, and we had fun taking pictures, drinking, dancing and chatting amidst all the crap music they were playing (the first set was good, but then they played hiphop and not even the current ones --- ones from like, 2 years ago, which kinda sucked out the partygurl in me). Got myself intoxicated with Garams (yehey!) and beer, before leaving around 2am, after which i just fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

+ + +

I woke up to the constant ringing of our doorbell.Sh*t. Of all the days that i need to be woken up by the noisy doorbell, it had to be today. Good thing i was wearing clothes to bed (well, decent ones anyway), otehrwise i would have made a damn fool of myself when i answered the door --- Mutch and her friends were there to use the bathroom and do a quick ocular for their video (they were planning ti use the doorway). A quick chat and a not-so-comfy silence (i really wasn't up to entertaining people at this time of the day), they left and i went back to sleep.
I actually kinda fell terrible about it, but hey, i was really sleepy and it wasn't even 10am yet (sorry Mutch!).

Felt better after a much needed rest. Was doing an extended version of my self-depreciating mood, so i checked out the ukay place at Anonas and bought me some cheap bargains which brightened my day up a bit. It was great, was able to buy 4 items for only 250 bucks, and was able to get me a pedicure too! Cleaned up the apartment a bit, then watched friends' seasons 4 and 5 for the rest of the night. I was supposed to go out with my cousin, but she didn't show up , which kinda sucked, since i made plans to watch the 930 show with Maggie and Haydz. Oh well.

Everybody was in the house by 11pm, which was good, sicne it was a long time since i last saw all my housemates under one roof. Maggie later came by to hang out iwth us, watching the episodes with us will late. She ended up sleeping over since the cab company couldn't send someone over to bring her to IC.

Pretty fun weekend for bumming :-D

+ + +

Saturday, September 11, 2004

past revisited

2:36 am (puffy eyes optional)

interesting times
we're having
just the thought of breakups
makes one cringe
yet somewhere out there
another heart breaks
amidst the noise and chaos of the city

you hear the bustle of the streets
that unknowingly hide the sorrow
the pain that's in one's eyes
are masked by the weariness of routine

how soon can it recover?

how soon will it end?

when will redemption come and save
this lifeless soul from dying?

one marks his life with loves
yet in it marks his end
the passing of love denied
of love abandoned, 'tis his death

the yearning of such happiness
results to mere despair
and in this darkened alleys
we hear the cries of help
forlorn in misery and loneliness
hapless in the mourning
one cries her heart out to the silence
quiet greets her plaintive cry
this plea for help remains unheard
and she suffers all the more

the rustling of the wind
signals change
yet hope remains unseen

how soon can she recover?

how soon will it end?

when will redemption come and save
this lifeless soul from dying?

+ + +

"you've known... since always... in your dreams..."

I guess i've always known who i'll want to end up with. Not necessarily a specific person, but there's a feeling that sparks up inside you when you finally realize, this IS the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. This weird, my-insides-are-eating-me feeling that makes your knees go weak and your heart go a-flutter. This bizaare mix of emotion and hormones which makes you smile stupidly everytime he/she is mentioned.

I feel that every time i hear your name, see your face, remember your laugh. I feel that every time i recall a date, a movie, a dinner with you --- even the time we met a year after you left for MA. I remember seeing you walkingtowards me and having butterflies, realizing that it's you i want. I nonchalantly tried to look like i didn't see you of course, just stared at the bulletin board like i didn't see you there. But there it was, and there you were...

friggin' memories.

ok, so it's 4am in the freakin morning and i'm still up. Been cleaning some parts of the room for some time now, and i chanced upon my old journals. Haha. Right, you guessed it, i turn a page --- and well, it's memory lane all over again.

+ + +

october 4, 2000
hay naku, ****, mahal kita kahit di mo pansin!"

+ + +

It's funny how things are. Reading my journal now, i think about what happened with some pangs of regret --- perhaps the foolishness of youth? the loss of a great love? the misgivings of a misguided heart? Or perhaps, just the plain fact that i did love him at some point. I laugh at myself for some of the things i wrote down, hardly believing this was me who wrote those damn words. At times i unconsciously think of the what ifs, of what may have beens, and i am saddened a bit; it was, after all, something good, was it not? :-) I smile my wistful smile and just read on, shaking my head as i go along the lines.

+ + +

Forward to my recent ones : it's amazing how pictures can say so many things. Unlike the past ones, my recent journals have images rather than words, which was a lot more painful to remember. You see the laughter in the eyes, and smile wistfully over the photos as memories ofthe time those were taken awash you.

+ + +
September 7, 2003
I remember your smile, and your sweet sweet eyes, full of kindness and love. With you i feel safe, with you i feel love. You somehow make everything all right, and i am happy that you gave me this. I can only hope i can give you the love you deserve. It's a gift to have this love, and i cherish it always.

Even though we may not be together right now, i know that i love you and in my heart, i feel your love, steady and strong. I miss you so much --- i miss seeing those eyes, that sweet smile you give, with a hint of mischief that never fails to brighten even my most bleak of days"

+ + +

Journals can be a b*tch to read sometimes.

Friday, September 10, 2004

Friday Blahs

I have no idea why i am still at the office. My cramps are just killing me, my sinus is acting up and well, i just don't feel like anything today. God. Is this fucking PMS or what!?!

+ + +

My mom called up early today. Good thing, she actualy woke me out of bed and made me get up to get the phone (otherwise i'd still be in bed). We talked about some stuff, and i thanked her for my "new" phone (she gave me her old cellphone since she bought a new one). She asked if i wanted to fly in for the weekend.

*sigh* All of a sudden i miss home and wish i can just fly out for the weekend. But, the practical side of me prevailed and i declined (darn!). I thanked her though, and i felt bad that i didn't have enough savings to get myself a plane ticket (damn you, iPod!).

Geez. I really need to get a life. Living in the past is just ... not fun.

+ + +
Green Papaya

Was at Green Papaya last night for an exhibit/gig. An exhibit of shorts and some kewl music, the Green Papaya exhibit was comprised of a lot of eclectic musicians, artists, digital artists and the like whose passion for music, film and advocacy through arts overflowed throughout the night. Got to see some way kewl shorts (short films), my fave of which are some nifty ones from Rex and Jois of Inksurge, awesome collaborations of Topel Lee, Radioactive Sago Project, to name a few. The place was small, so yep, it was helluva hotspot.

As usual, the crowd is maddening, with beer, shing-a-lings, yosi galore and the typical and not-so-typical FA and Music folks milling about. Came there with Yuma, and Lucee and Maggie soon arrived. We checked out a spot inside, slightly cramped with all the bustle, and occasionally smoked a ziggy outside. It was good to see people from the college again. Among the people I bumped into were: Gari, who kept taking pics of us (why, i have no idea): Richard, who was sporting a trendy hat: Hector, whose antics kept me cracking up; Em & Poklong, the tandem that still has me guessing; Kat and Joaquin, Laya's bosom buddies whom i haven't seen in quite a while; Patty & Maria, whose beauties and talents were well,awe-inspiring (;-D) ; and the dozens of other whom are too many to account for.

The gigs were good, with Endo cracking me up with their stage antics and had me bopping my head to their The Doors-like vocals (closest thing i can think of right now, anyway), Sago totally hitting the roof with their Astro cigarette song. Even Wahijuara was rockin'. They were promoting their EP abum last night, which eventually dawned on me (yep, my brain was THAT fried).

+ + +

Went home before the last band finished, since i was in a funky mood. Dropped by Mini Stop to buy myself some food, the walked all the way home. Oh well, to salvage my bizaare PMS state, i watched FRIENDS, which elevated my mood a bit. Sadly, it didn't last long. Oh well.

+ + +

Hmmm. I keep wondering about what it would be like to actually be Death for a change, just walking about to people and "touching" them (aka, taking them into where they go after they die). I think that would be a cool job. Lonely, but kewl. :-S Then again, i'll be Dream's older sister. Nah.

+ + +

i wish i'm somewhere else right now.

Thursday, September 09, 2004


Originally uploaded by bunnie_lette.
freedom gals (aka nognog gurls na lashing hehehe)--- taken by Karl. Salamat pow!

Les Choristes

Met Joma, a college friend, by accident at the mall while waiting for Lucee and Maggie. Twas really good to see him, and we caught up on things while having iced tea with mint at Cibo. He told me how things were at the call center, while i pretty much rantred about work and the ex-factor. Hahaha. God, it's been such a long time since i've seen people from the college!

+ + +

Watched Les Choristes (The Choir), a french film at Cinema 6 last night with the "Straight Posse" and my housemate (hehhe). Twas a funny and really sweet film, and well, i was pretty much gushing about how cute those kids were all throughout the movie. I especially love the character of Pepinot, this orphan kid whose parents ( they died during the Nazi's takeover) left him at the boys' dorm, promising to pick him up on a Saturday. (He's the kid in the middle). Poignant and very endearing. these feature astounding voices of the main characters as well as the very lovable chracter of their supervisor, Monsieur Clement (? --- dunno if that's right). Awww!

+ + +

What bummed me was that some guy was sleeping while the movie was going on --- and snoring. Ahh. nothing like the sound of a snore to accompany little boys' lovely voices during the chorus of the "Baldy Song". :-P

+ + +

Moved to Xaymaca after the movie, where we barely caught Reggae Mistress's 1st set. Twas good, Lucee was kinda disappointed her fave musician wasn't there to play, but otherwise, the crowd was forgiving and the band was kickin'. Got to meet Yanny again! He looks good, and from our "chat" he's doing great. :-) We also got to meet one of Jason's Full bright friends, Adele, who's starting her internship/job at the Palace come Monday.

+ + +
Good English is a state of mind

It's funny. People somehow think that i come from the States, or that i've lived there for some time. Why is that? Geez! I only wish i have been there. To a certain degree, i am kinda flattered they thiink so, having been here all my life, but i also feel disappointed in a way. Does this mean that people have certain expectatiuons of people who have lived here all their lives? Do they put people like me into a certain category wherein i "don't speak good english/don't know how to be proper"? The astounded look i was given last night from some people was somewhat a pleasant/unpleasant kind of reception. Is it so hard ot believe that there ARE people from the province who can speak good english and be as fluent as those who have been from other countries?? Hmmm...

+ + +

two days ago...

After a grueling day of travel, i managed to pass by my fave rental store and get me a copy of FRIENDS (seasons 3 & 4 episodes), Hurrah! Yup, been kinda glued to the screen since borrowing some episodes over the weekend. Yup, i've been pretty much bumming, hehe.

I was supposed to meet some people, but due to bad travel plans and well, my lack of enthusiasm due to my bumming, i wasn't able to go. *sigh* it would have been good to see these people though. Oh well.

+ + +

I've been eating all day, literally. Coming home, I couldn't stop eating --- chips, drinks, apples, etc. GOD, what is wrong with me!!? Yuma my housemate was also in this "eating frenzy", which only added fuel to this. hahaha. This so-called PMS symptom is driving me nuts! We were pretty much laughing about it later in the evening as we were both complaining that we were so darn full we couldn't sleep properly and may succumb to "bangungot" sometime during the night.

+ + +

Watched Big, this movie from Penny Marshall which starred Tom Hanks as a young kid who turns into a grown-up because of a wish. Sounds familiar? Should be, since 13 going on 30 pretty much has the same twist, only its main character is a girl (and she actually gets transported INTO the future). Ok, so, it's not exactly the same, but the mechanics kinda are :-P But anyway, it's a pretty good movie, and i can definitely see why Tom Hanks became such a hit with the romantic comedies genre. My fave scene is when tom hanks plays the giant piano at the toy store --- kewl! :-D

+ + +

Anton called while we were watching Big, which only means two things: A) he's bored out of his wits; B) he and his gf aren't on speaking terms/having a fight. So, it turns out (not surprisingly) option B. I kinda feel bad for him, after all, he is a nice guy, but well, he does have a knack of falling for girls who trip on him. *sigh* So talk about the niceties, his angst and well, pretty much everything else about his relationships (present and past) to dissect the "wrongs". Hmm. I wish he can work things out with her, after all, they do look cute together.

+ + +

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Where will you be the Day after Tomorrow?

Okay, after watching the movie last night, i am scared shitless of what can happen. Reading this, i do hope people (including myself) will be awakened to the sad plight of the earth. After all, not everybody has a climatologist for a dad who can avert disaster and easily save the world.

+ + +

No choice

Updated 00:39am (Mla time) Aug 27, 2004
Inquirer News Service

THE DEPARTMENT of Energy is urging motorists to go car-less once a
week, on top of that one imposed by the color-coding traffic scheme,
in order to save gasoline. The campaign deserves everyone's support.
But granted it does not, the sharply rising world prices of crude oil
will force the most recalcitrant motorists to save or else.

Perhaps that's the sweet part about the largely bitter affair of ever-
zooming world oil prices. The rapid industrialization in China and
India, the increased economic activity in the United States and
Europe, and the political uncertainty in Iraq and the rest of the
Middle East indicate that the regime of high oil prices is not about
to end any time soon. So the Philippines must either tame the oil
price tiger or roll with the punches. It has no choice but to go
along with the logic of the market.

The odd thing is that private car use should have been rationalized
long ago. The worsening traffic situation in Metro Manila should have
compelled car-pooling and such other measures for the judicious use
of vehicles. But lack of public encouragement and government's free-
wheeling policies on private car use--for example, the absence of
provisions to ensure that car buyers should have garages and not make
public roads and even sidewalks their private car park; as well as
the rather liberal regulations on car-tinting, special plates, use of
sirens and other vanities--has merely abetted car conceit and
socially insensitive behavior.

The prospect of world crude oil prices reaching $50 per barrel is a
good, albeit shocking, wake-up call. The days of untrammeled car use--
aided by the rather low world oil prices in the early 1990s (at $11
per barrel!)--are over. Definitely the new developments will have an
impact not only on car use, but also on car buying.

The menu of other energy-saving measures by the DOE should likewise
be heeded: ensuring fuel-efficient vehicles, promotion of walking and
biking, shorter mall hours, and putting up taxi stands in malls and
other commercial places are practical tips to reduce energy
consumption. The program seeks to reduce, by 12 percent, oil
importation and save the country much-needed foreign exchange. A by-
product of gasoline conservation is less pollution. For pollution-
choked Metro Manilans, that's a welcome bonus.

Bad example
A NATIONWIDE energy-saving campaign can only work if the government
leads the way. President Macapagal-Arroyo knows this. She says that
the government would exercise "leadership by example." She has in
fact imposed a moratorium on the purchase of new state vehicles.

Of course, we have yet to see whether her "leadership by example"
will work. She might have proclaimed a moratorium on car purchases,
but wily government functionaries could easily exploit the thousand
and one loopholes that obtain in a bureaucracy of alibis to be
excused from her policy.

The bureaucracy is ordinarily car-crazy. It is a given that in a
culture of entitlement, a bureaucracy is usually filled with men and
women who crave not only positions and titles, but also the perks
that go with them. Even persons from the private sector who enter
government usually reward themselves with perquisites that fly in the
face of the austerity and simplicity required of public servants.

Not too long ago, an education official from the private sector was
able to raise money, only to use it for re-fleeting the motor pool of
his department. The new cars might have been really needed, but the
telling thing was that the official bought and assigned to himself
the most expensive--and the heartiest gasoline guzzler - of the new
cars. His conduct shows that in the bureaucracy, as in the rest of
Philippine society perhaps, cars are a status symbol, a symbol of

Would the logic of the market work as well on the government as it
surely would on private vehicle users reeling from high gasoline
prices? That's doubtful. For all the talk about public
accountability, the public sector does not feel compelled to be
responsible for its runaway expenses and twisted accounting. How else
can one explain the fiscal crisis?

Thus, the government is the worst exemplar of "leadership by
example." As the private sector tries to save gasoline, expect
government officials to drive around town in fancy gasoline swiggers
and with a convoy to boot.

Of course we would be happy to be proven wrong.

bloggers unite!

checking in to scan through mail, hordes of SPAM and well, bloggers. hehehe.

+ + +

karl and Mimi's blog offer nice Peyups info, some witty comment and fabulous pics (this pic was taken by Karl at Guijo cafe, Makati during one of Sugar Free's gigs). Hmmm...which reminds me, he did take pics of me the last time i saw him at a gig.Uy, Karl, asan na yun?penge kopya! :-D

+ + +

The SKOW blog is also a good read, with lotsa UAAP updates and well, lotsa girly things i can read up on (yey!) I especially love this episode:

I am a crammer. I had been one since God knows when. I know, cramming is bad, but no matter how I try to pace my tasks, I still end up cramming. Luckily, I do better when I cram. I guess I like working under pressure... I'm a masochist, baby! :P

crammers, unite!!

+ + +

Monday, September 06, 2004

random thoughts, LSS songs

(Hehehe. Everytime i hear this song i think about my friend whose ex is calling again, asking for forgiveness. Bwahahaha. Serves him right for ditching her!)

+ + +

When we were together I was blown away /Just like paper from a fan
But you would act like I was just a kid /Like we were never gonna last

Now I’ve got someone who cares for me /He wrote my name in silver sands
I think you know you’ve lost the love of your life /(and you said) I was the best you’ve ever had

Because I’m in demand / You’re thinking of the way you shoulda held my hand
And all the times you said you didn’t understand / You never had our love written in your plans
But now I’m in demand

Don’t ever think you saw the best in me /There’s a side you’ll never know
Cos love and loving are too different things/ Set your sites far too low

Now I’ve got someone who cares for me /He wrote my name in silver sands
I think you know you’ve lost the love of your life /(and you said) I was the best you’ve ever had

Because I’m in demand/You’re thinking of the way you shoulda held my hand
And all the times you said you didn’t understand/You never had our love written in your plans
But now I’m in demand

It’s only when I fall asleep /I see that winning smile
When my dreams just move along/ You’ve lost the race by miles

+ + +

(somehow, this song makes me think about a lot of things in my life --yikes, profound ba? I feel that life, no matter how much you feel you shouldn't have done it, or said it, have a way of just being done, which gives you that extra strength to handle harder, tougher things to come... eitherthat, or they're just there to damage you more. haha)

Tell me a story where we all change and we’d live our lives together
And not enstranged / I didn’t lose my mind it was mine to give away /couldn’t stay to watch me cry
You didn’t have the time so I softly slip away...

No regrets - they don’t work / no regrets - they only hurt /sing me a love song, drop me a line
Suppose it’s just a point of view but they tell me I’m doing fine /I know from the outsidewe looked good for eachotherfelt things were going wrong /When you didn’t like my mother

I don’t want to hate but that’s /all you’ve left me with /A bitter aftertaste and a fantasy ofhow we all could live
No regrets - they don’t work / no regrets - they only hurt / (we’ve been told you stay up late)i know they’re still talking
(you’re far too short to carry weight) the demons in your head
(return the videos they’re late)if I could just stop hating you(goodbye) /I’d feel sorry for us instead

Remember the photographs (insane) the ones where we all laugh (so lame)
We were having the time of our liveswell thank you it was a real blast

No regrets / they don’t workno regrets / they only hurtwrite me a love song, drop me a line /suppose it’s just a point of viewbut they tell me I’m doing fine/ Everything I wanted to be everytime I walked away /everytime you told me to leave I just wanted to stay /every time you looked at me and everytime you smiled/ I felt so vacant you treat me like a child i loved the way we used to laugh /I loved the way we used to smile /often I sit down and think of you, for a while
Then it passes by me and I think of someone else instead/I guess the love we once had is officially dead

The Weekend

Saturday was an interesting day, to say the least.

Had some rest and found myself cleaning up my room, and pretty much watching Friends Season 3 episodes (yup, it's soo good to see the episode where Rachel and Joey read "scary" books. Went to the INK meeting, where i find myself entering the room just as my name was called for Presidentiable nominations. Me? A president? Uh-uh. NO WAY!!! I hate being stuck at a job that will absolutely suck any social happening in my life and lead me to stress about things which can be easily avoided. In short, Thanks, but No thanks!! :-P I was texted a few days back taht i wa sagain nominated for the PR position, but well, we all know how that turned out. hehhe.

We had the kapihan afterwards, at Sugar n Beans, this quuaint cafe in Katipunan. T'was fun, really good to see some of the old members, plus it was good to see a lotta new faces excited and just happy. Of course, it's amazing how much INK has grown! Didn't stay long though, had to do some grocery shopping. Wasn't able to go to the dinner my friend invited me to, perhaps i was just too tired, or maybe the weekend blahs just got to me. In any case, i cooped myself in and made dinner, and after a while Haydz came by to chat and hang out. Besides, i had to be at Folk Arts Theatre before 10am the next day.

+ + +

Sunday saw me blearily trying to keep myself awake as i take the MRT to Taft. Had a facepainting gig at 10am at the Grand Kapuso Fans Day for Art Angel, this art show i did a demo for previously.

I cannot believe how many people are in this gig.

It was hot, noisy and well, filled to the brim with people. Sharon, the PA, was really sweet, she met me at the gate to usher me into the stadium/theatre. Thank GOD they only allowed 20 slots for painting! It was fun, and well, the kids were really nice, very quiet while i was painting them. Ate Pia, the host, was mobbed during her brief stint at the booth, with hordes of people just pushing to take a pic or an autograph. hehhe. Wow.

Saw Ouie!! He was the artist they got for the caricature gig, which was after mine. Sweet guy! He did some practice caricatures on me, Sharon and Bhel, another PA. Had to leave though, i couldn't stand the heat!

Treated myself to a good lunch ( tuna sandwich on foccacia, anyone?) then bought myself some books with my pay money. Yup, I was in luck! Got to buy Death: The High cost of Living and Death: The time of your life in one day! It was on sale too! Whoo-hoo!

Checked out the sale at Glorietta before i left for home. Got me nice shoes for half the price yey! :-D I may not have had the best day (the heat, the noise, the extreme traffic!), but at least i got something out of the Art Angel gig. hehehe.

+ + +

Saturday, September 04, 2004

chick lit,Gurl trashin' and more bitchin' blogs

Been checking psychicpants' current entry. Lille's slew of entries and comments on this issue is a good read:

And why can't these books can't be considered literature? Is it because they're not about incest in barrios? Because they don't reprazent? Because their covers are pink? Because they're about middle class girls who went to exclusive Catholic schools? Is it because they're sold in newsstands as opposed to bookstores where salesladies who don't know the difference between a hairnet and a haiku are manning the shelves?

These novels are laugh-out-loud funny, cleverly punny, sometimes cheesily emotional and given to inducing PMS tears. These books are definitely literature that I'd keep on my shelf, right beside my beloved Paul Auster, Lorrie Moore, Stephen Dobyns and Jessica Hagedorn books. The best thing about these books? They are alive. They're discussed in offices, passed around by friends, reprinted by the thousands. Their writers are being paid very good money from royalties. THEY'RE BEING READ BY A LOT OF FILIPINOS.

I have to say, reading about these "chick lits" makes me wanna go out and buy some (yup, controversy CAN do some selling).

+ + +

Checked out limpbwizit's recent entry:

in case they're merely trying to make an impression that they're highly intellectual, sorry, intelligence doesn't really stamp anything on my perception of a person. i may judge you as dumb or stupid or intellectually masturbating but i don't really give a shit if you read leo tolstoy or if you're an existentialist or if you don't have any opinion on the fiscal crisis issue. but i do give a shit if you pretend to know a lot or to have a lot to say about something coz it's so sick and you're just reducing yourself to merely just a vagina and a pair of mammary glands trying not to sound like a sex object but unconsciously wanting to be a sex object.

hmmm.. perhaps he hasn't found the right gurl yet. :-S

+ + +

green jell-o's blog has me rethinking some past memories. Hmmm.

+ + +

Must buy something for tonight's dinner... but what? Can't decide if i wanna skip it and watch the Cine Europa films, or just go and try to have a good time. Do i really want to go?? *sigh*

+ + +

Friday, September 03, 2004

Black Meteor, Brunch and the never ending battle of the bulge

Black Meteor is such a kewl film. We watched it earlier at the Cine Europa at Megamall. Sad, but nice all the same. Felix was cute! :-)

+ + +

Haydz and I spent most of our time talking, bitching and well, eating. hahaha. Had lunch at Chef Angelo's (the food is good, but i think what really lured us in was that gorgeous picture of the "chef" on their poster ---heheh), and had our craving for dessert satisfied by having Ice monster (for me) and Dairy Queen (for her). We caught up with news, gossip and the occasional bitchin' while window shopping. Dropped by Dave's office to return the camera (thanks so much dave!!) and chatted a bit about our shared love for the new G5.*bliss!*

+ + +

I've been contemplating once again about my body weight issues. Haydz convinced me to tryout that protein shake she's selling, and i hope that it works. For now, anyway. Been busy to really workout, so i cut off my membership for the time being.Oh well. Is this a scenario of desperate times calling for desperate measures? perhaps. Argh. I really MUST lose weight.

My day before today

24 hours ago...

...i wanna be sedated...hahahha! That line reminds me of the Ramones, for some reason. :-P Just got home, checking up on mail and the stuff (by stuff i mean my blog, hehe)

+ + +

Left the office with Cla and Elven, who accompanied me to the Podium. We checked out the FIX salon for their hair needs (Elvz wanted to have a haircut while Cla wanted to straighten her hair), but since they were fully booked, we headed off to David's instead. ELvz got his haircut, Cla didn't get hers. The timing wasn't right i guess. I left them there since i had to meet up with Haydz for dinner.

Met up with Haydz moments later, and we decided to go to the Megastripo for some dinner. Decided on Teriyaki Boy, but since it was full too, we headed out to Super Bowl instead. Sheer coincidence, we bumped into Brendan! It was good to see him, and he looked pretty happy to see us too. Introduced us to his friends, Marlon and Kat, who invited us to join them, but it's been so long since Haydz and I met up that it was good to be by ourselves for this time. Besides, we had a lot of cathing up to do since she left for Iloilo a few weeks back.

Strolled a bit after some Superbowl Rice and Ha Kaw. Mmm, I still think China Star's Ha Kaw is better (must remember to eat there this weekend!) We were deciding to go watch Princess Diaries 2, but once again we were sidetracked --- the Cine Europa's slew of movies just started and we decided to watch the 930 show --- Deadline. Pretty good, but it was really .... tense. hehe. No really, it was good, but like i said, since the movie was fast-paced and suspense-filled, i was biting my nails throughout the movie (yep, i was that tense).

+ + +

Slept over at Haydz later, and we watched Breakfast at Tiffany's on VHS, as well as doing some photography. Fell asleep while watching the movie, but managed to wake up to see the last part of the movie.

+ + +

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